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Bed & Breakfast
la villa Zarin

53, rue d'Anderlecht
Brussels 1000

Tél / fax: (+32) 2 502 53 36
Gsm : (+32) 495 50 07 10

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an area of ​​Brussels filled of history

The house is situated in a very old Anderlecht street that meanders 650m between Fontainas square and Gates of Anderlecht. This street forming the irregular line was a very important avenue before.

Already in XII century when the city had not its second fence, the only road connected Brussels and Anderlecht (and Hainaut) followed the line of actual Anderlecht street.

Bruxelles, place fontainas en 1900
When in XIV century a big fortified city wall was built ( along the perimeter of external boulevards of Brussels) the way to Gates of Anderlecht was the same.

A primitive gate was situated on Fontainas square and it called Gate d’Overmolen or gate of «otherworldly mill» because a watermill brought into action by Seine was behind the gates.

Postcard of Fontainas Place from around 1900

Brussels, the road of famous pilgrimage.

Bruxelles : chemin de compostelle

At the end of XIV century the Anderlecht Street was paved and then it got the name of “chaussée” (causeway) like some other paved streets of this period.

Even if Anderlecht Street was very animated till XVI century it was surrounded by prairies, fields and rare rural houses. At the corner with actual Van Vartevelde Street which was laid in XIX century only there was a bridge to cross the Seine.


This road was taken by the crowds making St.James pilgrimage.

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